Here’s your chance to work one-on-one with two professional storytelling experts to learn the secrets of storytelling.

Story Workshops: half-day or full-day

·     BRAND YOUR STORY: Learn what your Signature Story is all about and how to effectively share it. We will teach you how to deliver this in an engaging, informative yet impactful way.

·       REALITY TV : CASTED: Ever wanted to be on a Reality TV show such as the Big Brother, Biggest Loser or have your own show? Increase your chances by attending one of our insightful workshops.

·       REALITY TV: MAKING THE SHOW HAPPEN: Do you love watching Reality TV? Have you always secretly dreamed about working in Reality TV yet feel confused as to how to make your heart desire to come true? Well, you won’t want to miss this workshop where Henri and Wendi spill all and break down the real deal on how to break into working in Reality TV.

·       THE SECRETS AND THE POWER OF STORYTELLING:  Learning how to be present to able to hear a story. In this workshop, you learn how to meditate so you can learn how to story-listen. With this skill, you can profoundly change your networking events and conferences. And you will be able to utilize storytelling to build more meaningful relationships in your business and personal life.