Do you want to speak effectively in media interviews, presentations, keynote speeches or investor pitch meetings? Do you need job interviewing or public speaking coaching? Do you understand "YOUR STORY" BRAND? We prepare our clients to be at their best by utilizing a powerful training method that we have conceived from our more than combined 40 years of experience as reality television producers. We have prepped and trained international clientele from TV hosts, celebrities, politicians, executives, actors, music artists, athletes and entrepreneurs. As reality TV producers, we also have worked with every day real people who had a desire to share their true story yet would become self-conscious once the cameras were rolling or would freeze up during interviews but with our skill-set we taught and trained many people on how-to-overcome their fears to find story success. With 1000s of hours of interviewing experience, we have mastered the art of the interview. But, what truly sets us apart is that as successful TV producers, we have delivered hours and hours of air-able content to TV and digital platforms. We understand how to tell a compelling, authentic story that stays on message while also being on brand for a network or corporation while connecting to specific audiences. If you want to be trained by people who have actually done interviewing as a career in media and are seeking in-person or remote training, we can create a custom program for you. Call today 323-379-3109.


If you are serious about improving your media skills in the most effective way possible in the shortest period of time, then a personalized, one-­on-­one or group media training session is the way to go. We will help you reach the following 4 goals, quickly:

• How to look comfortable, confident, relaxed and authoritative on camera.

• How to craft a focused, three-­part, 30-­second media message/story.

• How to answer questions in any interview scenario.

• How to speak in sound bites to get the exact quote you want in the story

* Media Training Boot Camp is conducted in 1/2 day or full day in-­person sessions, depending on the needs of the client.


If the client requires more than short-­term training, this 6-­Week Course will allow us to work with the client more in depth. We will help the client to craft their story as well as reach the 4 goals listed above, plus it will offer additional story branding, social media, image and presentation training.


This includes the Deluxe Private Media Training plus additional yearlong training. *This package will need to be paid in full before the Deluxe Private Media Training begins. 

(1) Additional two-­hour in person social media workshops where we work more in-­depth on how-­to strategize client branding in social media.

(2) Additional two-­hour in-­person sessions (could be used as a refresher right before a big interview).

Any interview client does for the next year can be and should be rehearsed on video. We can do this either in-­‐person or via Skype.

You can submit videos of your interviews to us and we will give you a personalized critique. We will tell you what you did well and where you need to improve.

This is a package that allows the client to have access to us for an entire year. We will be on-­hand for follow-­up mentoring by phone or in-­person. We’re happy to rehearse further for interviews, critique tapes of real interviews or do anything else to help our clients feel more confident in facing the media.