Media and Social Media Training Services from Media Experts

WHAT IS MEDIA TRAINING? Media training can help you prepare the message YOU want to get across in interviews regardless of the questions you are asked. By becoming media trained, it will strengthen your communication in interviews and help you utilize those skills in any area of your life – both public and personal. With proper media training, anyone can avoid the pitfalls and journalist/interviewer tricks of the trade that result in interviews that may weaken, or even sabotage a client’s career.

WHY DO YOU NEED MEDIA TRAINING? Anyone who is planning to go on the record with a media outlet – whether it’s for television, radio, internet or even social media needs proper media training. When it comes to media interviews, the stakes are too high to ignore potentially negative consequences. A good journalist or interviewing producer knows exactly how to get their story, even if that is not the story that the interviewee intended to tell. By having proper media training, clients can learn to CONTROL the interview and have the confidence to deliver their intended message and story even in the most adversarial of interviews.

HOW DO WE WORK? As reality TV producers who have 1000s of hours of interview experience, we understand how to be attentive to the needs of our client by working with them in a way that allows them to break through. Since, there is a lot at stake, we understand how crucial it is to offer constructive criticism where needed and how to make the adjustments for success.  Following our training, our clients will feel 100% prepared and confident to face any media situation!