HW Media is a full service digital media company that is a creative agency & technology partner for live streaming, virtual reality & branded entertainment. With HW Media, we offer integrated solutions for production, distribution, content management and monetization.

As the premier one stop story shop for all things content including branded entertainment, live event webcast and streaming, virtual reality, online presentations or your very own On-Demand Video Library, whatever your content needs are, we’re the only call you’ll ever have to make!

HW Media is led by the company’s founders, television broadcast media experts and professional storytellers Henri Hebert and Wendi Wan, who each have 20+ years of television and news producing experience. Together, this expert team has conducted 1000s of hours of interviews that have aired on network TV news, reality shows, talk television, documentary and web series. This is a team that can expertly craft a compelling, original story that’s authentic to an individual or a corporation. They are also responsible for pitching, preparing and selecting the content you watch on television/radio and in digital programming. If you need the knowledge and confidence required to craft your personal or corporation story and also want to control your message, HW Media can help your content needs!